Day 1:zig zags and rock buttons

Day 1 Sept 02 2015 Old Bar 6:20amDay 1 Sept 2 15 Old Bar 620am

I have walked the stretch of the beach from Old Bar to the river entrance countless times, mapping the distance and the change in landscape.

I like to walk close to the water’s edge; for two reasons.

The first, so I am nearer to the dolphin pod who often accompany my daily passage to the river mouth and secondly because it is much easier walking on the hard sand than the soft………an exercise junkie I am not. …..haha!

It is about a 6 km round trip…..a perfect amount of time for contemplation, discovery, release and exercise.

On this morning I could feel the gentle tug of my higher self guiding me to walk in the softer sand up near the dunes.

Over the years my mindfulness practices have taught me to ‘see not with my eyes, only my mind and my heart’; so in my relaxed state, my mind was alert to the awareness beyond what my eyes could see.

I came across on the edge of the dune the most fragile, yet resilient zig zag line tracking its way through the sand. As I kneeled down to take a closer look, I pondered the creature that made such exquisite marks…….possibly a crab type species I speculated?

(I still have not found the answer… anyone?)

This part of the dune was also littered with tiny volcanic rocks and as I picked them up to play with, they reminded me of pearl buttons.

I have always loved pearl buttons and loops as a fastening on a beautiful gown…….and as I selected the perfect size rock to place in the zig of the zag, it felt like I was fastening the sand gown of the Divine Mother Earth (or so I was imagining anyway J)

In the early morning light, the tiny stones in the zig zag line cast elongated shadows that betrayed the truth of their small stature……a small moment of exquisite beauty.



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