Day 122: infinity


Day 122 Dec 31 2015 Old Bar 4:10pm

It is tradition for me that on the eve of a New Year I pull an animal card to guide me through the coming year, from my well used and much loved set of Medicine Cards.

‘The discovery of power through the ways of animals’ by Jamie Sams & David Carson

My animal guide for 2016 is spider and her message reads:

“I am the female energy of the creative force… body is like the number eight….the symbol for infinite possibilities of creation…….you are an infinite being who will continue to weave the patterns of life and living through time. Do not fail to see the expansiveness of the eternal plan.”

Spider weaves her web, just as we weave our own reality. Spider reminds us that we have the power to create what happens in our lives.

A beautiful omen I felt for the continuation of my collaborative experiences.

As I have learned so far on this journey, the possibilities to create are endless when the mind is inquisitive and open…….and what more perfect symbol to represent this than the infinity symbol.


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