Day 123: 2016…a nine year


Day 123 Jan 01 2016 Old Bar 4:50am

The traditional earth-labyrinth represents the initiate’s journey through the ‘underworld’ of the unconscious through a full musical octave to our spiritual core.

As time is measured in earthly years we have stepped into the first day of 2016…..a nine year….the completion year of a cycle of time.

…………..Happy Nine Year to all!…………..

What better way to celebrate such an auspicious year than to collaborate with my environment and draw the earth-labyrinth in the gravel at my home in Old Bar to symbolise the journey we will all take both personally and collectively this year.

The secret for constructing the mythic labyrinth comes from the arrangement of nine points forming an X also called St Andrew’s cross.

A labyrinth is not a maze.

A labyrinth has a single route that rhythmically spirals to the centre.

In the traditional labyrinth the initiate or traveller reverses direction nine times through eight rings, cycling in rhythms of left and right, outward and inward.

Reaching the mystic centre at the eighth ring, the pilgrim completes the octave and transforms to a higher or deeper realm…..the core of the self.

Ancient mathematical philosophers called nine the “finishing post”

………so may you all travel the path of the initiate this year of 2016 and come to rest in the beauty of yourself at the sacred centre.

Many blessings Ali



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