Day 125: pods & petals

Day 125 Jan 03 16 Old Bar 4:44pmP1060709doc

There is something entrancing about arranging small objects into larger patterns especially when they radiate from a central point.

I have come to notice the seasons or natural cycle of plants more acutely through my collaboration practice……and often it is the plant material at the end of its cycle that most captures my attention.

The small red caps in this design are the base of the eucalyptus flower called the operculum. In flower, the cap is green and covered with fluffy white stamens. As the stamens wilt, the cap turns red in some species………something I had never noticed before until today.

The blue hydrangeas my family had given me for Christmas were also in the last stages of flowering and as I sacrificed a few for collaboration, I was intrigued by the colour of the stems of the plant ……….yes they are blue too.

As sometimes happens in the quiet moments such as the collaboration process provides, I reflected on the thought that I had used 2 flowers; the eucalypt flower and the hydrangea and both experience a colour change in their growth cycle.

True to the nature of the mandala and with little conscious awareness on my part, my attention had become focused on the concept of change…….and how change is a consistent occurrence in our day to day lives, yet something many of us struggle against.

Hopefully I can see the perfection and beauty in the stages of change in my own life in the same way I can appreciate it in the flowers.



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