Day 126: Sediment rings

Day 126 Jan 04 16 6:44pmP1060716doc

I have always been a collector of rocks; in fact our whole family collect them……although we all like something different in a rock.

I have a few I keep a look out for…..heart shaped ones, holey ones and round or egg shape ones.

Silas collects flat ones which he can sometimes part with for skimming; but his favourites are rocks that are unusual in shape like triangles and feature a picture on the surface from weathering.

Mike is the collector of sedimentary ones like these pictured, and Azura adds to all our stashes……which seem to form little stacks on most of the available spaces in our home.

I know we are not the only ones who have a penchant for collecting rocks………what are the type you have trouble leaving behind?



3 thoughts on “Day 126: Sediment rings

  1. I’ve been collecting stones from Mitchells Island beach for eleven years. At first I was indiscriminate and just went for various colours. Then I started polishing the stones in a rotary tumbler, a process which took a month, using progressively finer grit and finally polish. I shifted my taste in favour of quartz stones and particularly light coloured ones as these created the most beautiful results–like gemstones. Soon I’ll try my hand at making them into jewellery.


    1. Looking forward to seeing your jewellery creations Eve……I have seen your polished stone mosaics, just fabulous. I will keep my eye out for any one’s that jump out with your name on them.


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