Day 129:mindful meandering

Day 129 Jan 07 2016 Old Bar 4:10pmP1060806doc

Walking is a movement many of us do every day…..but, do we consider the wonder in this seemingly simple experience?

I spent my day pondering the concept of walking after my early morning yoga and mindfulness session with Eve Grzybowski  and Michael Hollingworth.

Michael guided us to walk with mindful awareness in meditative silence within the space of the yoga shed for about 10-15 minutes.

Initially I focused my awareness on the feel and action of each muscle as it expanded and contracted in the process of lifting my leg as I placed one foot in front of the other in forward motion; exploring the way my body responded to these movements.

My sister Mim was at the forefront of my mind through this experience as she has multiple sclerosis that has resulted in her having limited movement of the arms and legs. Much effort is needed on her part to retrain de-conditioned muscles and damaged nerves; forging new pathways to facilitate the walking movement.

So it was with admiration and love I pondered her courage and determination to make these movements as I became aware of my own.

…….as with many of my experiences with the collaboration process the interconnections between my thoughts and the creative process are often linked…….so as I wandered the beach this afternoon (mindfully haha!)I was not surprised that footprints were to be collaborate post for today….thank you Michael and Eve for sharing your wisdom and guiding my learning this week…..Day 129 is dedicated to you both.                               I am truly grateful!

In ending my thoughts today, I could not ponder the idea of walking without the notion of destination and purpose…..and the quote by J. R. Tolkien “Not all those who wander are lost” came to mind.

So whatever the destination, intention or purpose of your walk, may you meander with mindful awareness as you take each step.



2 thoughts on “Day 129:mindful meandering

  1. I can relate to Mim’s condition, albeit in a lesser way.
    When I had double hip surgery in 2010, I was away from home for 18 days in recovery and rehab. On my return, and bolstered with a cane, I walked on the warm sand of Mitchells Island beach, slowly and sensually. It was as though I’d never had the experience of walking on the beach before.
    Human nature, such as it is, the intensity of my experience faded gradually.
    One needs to be reminded often, it would seem, to be mindful so as to be in the now.

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