Day 130:Where to next?

Where to next?photo

……..was the question that was asked of me today…….and it was a question I had subconsciously been asking myself for many months now with no definite answer.

I initially began the Collaborate365 project as a way to explore and become aware of the way I respond to the creative urge. By setting myself parameters of creating an artwork on a daily basis for 365 days I am able to monitor the patterns around my thoughts and feelings when in the creative process.

The ephemeral nature of the work facilitates non attachment on my part, enabling me to be open to fresh ideas each day while noticing cycles and seasons within my environment; finding beauty in imperfection.

The question I have been asking myself is what is the next step in the creative process for me?

How do I take these ideas and images that I am generating through the collaborate project to the next stage……and it was today at the end of a 5 day intensive yoga and meditation course with Eve Grzybowski and Michael Hollingworth that I found the answer in the quiet of my mind.

…….and so this is the first artwork of the next stage; a watercolour of the sand images I photographed on Old Bar beach after a storm surge.

While not actually an ephemeral artwork in the environment, an important one to me in relation to the process, and so it is my post for Day 130 Jan 08 2016.

Thank you to all the gorgeous people who shared their energy and words of wisdom with me this week and a huge thank you to Daniel Weinstein, who with your guidance, knowledge and support I now have a website to post my collaborate journey!



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