Day 142: cunjevoi

Day 142 Jan 20 2016 Old Bar 6:20pmP1070142doc

A late afternoon walk on the beach at low tide helps to clear the mind……review my day……let it go…..and start afresh for the next.

Some days provide more challenges than others…….and this was one of those……so finding the perfect rock to match the hole of the siphon of the Cunjevoi proved to be a great past-time to help this process.

Cunjevoi is a sea squirt that adheres to rocks and is found on the edge of the low-tide mark. During high tide the Cunjevoi feeds on plankton as water is pumped in and out of its siphons. As the tide recedes, the Cunjevoi holds water in its siphons to keep from drying out until it is once again submerged in water. Like all sea squirts, it squirts a jet of water when squeezed or trodden on.


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