Day 143: 1,2 miss a few 99,100

Day 143 Jan 21 2016 Old Bar 4:30pmP1070148doc

This piece is a reference to the missing daily posts on my website

You will see that Day 1, 2 and 3 have been added and then there is a big jump to Day 122, please stay with me as I add the posts and images of the days in between over a period of time.

While I have been keeping notes on a daily basis, they are often on scrappy bits of paper or in one of the many diaries I keep haha!… there is a bit of an organisational process that is occurring…..and many thanks again to Daniel Weinstein who is guiding me through this process.

Yes… would have been far easier if I had been organised from the beginning……but maybe I would have got caught up in getting the organisation part right and not actually begun the collaboration process… fact I know I would have!

So I am chasing my tail a little……..but I like circular patterns so it feels like the right place to be at this time too!

This little saying ‘1, 2 miss a few 99, 100’ is a memory from my childhood; something we used to say when playing hidey -go-seek around the block and we just couldn’t be assed counting and needed to not be in anymore haha! 


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