Day 144: number patterns

Day 144 Jan 22 2016 Taree 9:00amP1070095doc

Numbers and their patterns have always fascinated me……in fact I can have a whole conversation with my guides on the way to town in the car reading numbers from car plates and signs etc.

My guides and higher self show me number patterns in response to my thoughts… has taken me quite a few years to attune and develop an understanding of the system.

For example they might show me 777 a number of times, which is a feel good number for me, signalling I am embodying the highest aspect of myself. Often after this number pattern they will show me 666 and 333 and I know now from experience that a situation is being created for my learning where I will need to act with forgiveness and compassion. The 444 number patterns often come next and this is the sign for me that I am fully supported and to seek the higher realms for guidance and support.

I will see all of these number patterns on a short 15 minute trip to town……it’s a little like the collaborate process I suppose, becoming away of the subtle signs, experiences and feelings that are ever-present, yet often unnoticed in the busyness of our mind.

Much has been written about numbers and their meanings, and while there are many thought systems I agree with…….I have found the best way is to work with your own guides and higher self… up your own communication system.

We are all unique in the way we communicate and process information, so the number patterns that are shown to you will be particular to the way you learn……ask for guidance within.

In the last few years I have seen an increase in the number of palindrome numbers I see (a palindrome number is a number that is the same when written forwards or backwards) For example I will pass a car with the number 37 and the next car following will have the numbers 73. It was only after they showed me these patterns to the point of ridiculousness (8 cars in a row had palindrome patterns) that I took notice…….yes sometimes it takes a sledge hammer haha!

When I observed what was happening in my life when these palindrome patterns appeared I started to understand that I needed to bring balance to a situation or experience by taking notice of the numbers. Each number 1 through 10 holds a different meaning for me, so whatever numbers are represented shows me the aspect of my life I need to bring back in to balance.

I could possibly ramble on about numbers and their patterns for many pages as they are a bit of a passion for me……..and also a life line to the higher realms.

I would love to hear if number patterns bring you messages too!



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