Day 149: connection

Day 149 Jan 27 2016 Old Bar 10:30amP1070222doc

This piece is dedicated to Michael Leunig who said that “spirituality, art and innocence are connected…….and in a sense are one and the same”.

As I explore my own connections through the collaboration process, I find these three words (spirituality, art and innocence) are intrinsically linked.

I cannot ponder the creative process that is art without the idea of spirit.

Whether you interpret this word ‘spirit’ in metaphysical terms using the name of God or another; or whether you view this word to mean ‘breath’ or ‘life’. The concept of art without spirit is foreign to me.

I believe C. G. Jung, expressed this perfectly when he said, “The connection between spirit and life is one of those problems involving factors of such complexity that we have to be on our guard lest we ourselves get caught in the net of words in which we seek to ensnare these great enigmas”.

…….and it is in the space of unknowing; beneath the depths of my conscious understanding; the state I call ‘innocence’ that I become aware; connected to all that is.

Michael Leunig keynote presentation at 10th Dialogue Australasia Network Conference, 11 April 2015.


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