Day 152: loving it as it is

Day 152 Jan 30 2016 Old Bar 3:40pmP1070288doc

The last couple of days have been a struggle for me in terms of procrastination and resistance.

That part of me that wants to rebel against discipline and consistency is rearing its head and one of the things I love most in my day….the collaboration process, is in its sights.

My mind is finding many reasons for me just to miss a day today…..too hot, too much effort…..”You deserve a break”, it says… it finds me unimportant tasks to absorb my time.

I was aware its tactics, this sometimes rambunctious mind of mine……so my best defence was to love it as it is in each moment.


2 thoughts on “Day 152: loving it as it is

  1. Hi Ali,

    I keep replying on email because I can’t figure out how to leave a comment on your blog. Sigh, I should talk to my computer guru.

    I understand so well the battle of the rationalising mind. Good for you for making friends with it.

    Love, Eve >


    1. Perfect Eve….keeps my trying to negotiate this website….I need help from your tech guru too! Can’t wait to catch up!
      I know, a friend said to me it’s like ‘weeding the garden’…..a constant process, and sometimes weeds bring the most beautiful flowers. >3 Ali


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