Day 153: the egyptian God Horus

Day 153 Jan 31 2016 Old Bar 4:30pmP1070326doc2

I like this place of no preconceived ideas…..I am always surprised at the ease with which ideas suddenly spring to mind from this space……and often two heads are more creative than one.

From its home amongst a cluster of rocks in the shade of the house this shell was staring out at me…….I continued the search for an iris sized rock to complete the eye.52f1c77634e670047daa9d7dc825e6d0

In my fascination I shared my find with Mike, my partner whose first instinct was to place it over his eye socket……something which I had not thought to do.

I love the creative process when it works in this way as ideas bounce from one to another.

With Silas as my willing subject for eye ornamentation; the Egyptian God Horus appeared in his profile.



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