Day 164:mirror image

Day 164 Feb 11 2016 Old Bar 7:00am P1070577doc

The spiral track on the left was made by the live olive shell…..the one on the right by me. Did you know that we have mirror neurons in our brains that let us “simulate” not just other people’s actions, but the intentions and emotions behind those actions?

When you see someone smile, for example, your mirror neurons for smiling fire up, creating a sensation in your own mind of the feeling associated with smiling.

You don’t have to think about what the other person intends by smiling…….you automatically experience the meaning immediately and effortlessly.

I found this information quite fascinating really as my first instinct was to mirror the pattern I saw in the sand…..although I didn’t know it at the time maybe my mirror neurons were simulating the patterns made by the olive shell… some way trying to connect and understand.


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