Day 167:the small moments

Day 167 Feb 14 2016 Wallabi Point 10:20am P1040124cropdoc

On the low tide the majestic rock forms at Wallabi Point beach are revealed….I have spent endless hours here marvelling at the picture formations weathered on the rock faces. The veined and dimpled patterns……so like the human skin as it ages over time (a natural and inevitable process we so desperately try to resist).

The ocean has always seemed such a beautiful metaphor for our human emotions; sometimes smooth and tranquil, enabling us to float peacefully in its embrace. Other times turbulent, urging us to call upon our strength and faith to find our footing in its momentous force.

Today was one of those peaceful days as I contemplated the journey of this small rounded stone and how possibly it had once been united with the larger rock face….but was now destined to tumble on its own until over time the process of weathering would once again return it to source.

Happy Sunday to all!



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