Day 176:making marks

Day 176 Feb 23 2016 Old Bar 8:50am P1040296doc

I have been asking many questions of myself in the collaboration process such as….Why do we create….and how do we create?

As I become the observer in the process I have noticed that the desire to create (for me) is driven by my appreciation of beauty. For example I noticed a stick in my wanderings this morning; stripped of its bark and smooth in form….. as I picked it up I admired its qualities and the feeling of it resting in my hand.

I continued to walk with the stick as my companion, in the next 200m my attention became focused on the ripples in the sand created by the wind overnight, a magnificent sight in the early morning. Kneeling down I used the stick to draw, mimicking the patterns I saw.

I have watched many young children in individual creative play do exactly the same thing…..maybe it is our subconscious longing to connect with all that is

I cannot explain how gratifying this play is for me……like I am allowing myself just to be in this moment (as a child would)….coming to know my surroundings and myself in the process……I am not aware of the desire to create…..I am just creating.

It makes me realise how often I am not aware of each moment……and with that thought… can I truly create?

Deep…..I know haha……and I struggle to find the words to explain my experiences, but I will continue to record them in the hope that all will become clearer with time.

May you enjoy each of your moments today and see the beauty all around you!



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