Day 179: the deer

Day 179 Feb 26 2016 Taree Feb 26doc

Was the first frilly skirt inspired by the frilled edge of a leaf, and the first umbrella by an upturned flower…..has that thought ever crossed your mind also?

In my observations each day I can see the source idea in nature for many of our human inventions.

Today it was the decorative edge of this pair of dried leaves that inspired my collaborate piece.

Sometimes I just leave things in odd places, so that when I find them again I take notice of the first thought I have on seeing the object again.

I left these frilly leaves on the bathroom floor.

As I came upon them through the day, my first thought on seeing them again was that the pair of leaves reminded me of the head of a deer…..I found some ‘boggly’ gum nut seed for eyes and the face was complete. (the kids say it looks like a chameleon or lizard haha!, but I can still see a deer…..the beauty of imagination)



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