Day 183: 1st day of autumn & the 1/2 way mark

Day 183 March 01 2016 Mitchell’s Island P1040395doc

The cool westerly wind this morning bought with it the 1st day of autumn (in the southern hemisphere)…..a relief after the weekend heat.

It seems everything becomes transitory with the change of seasons; the weather, our natural environment and our lifestyle patterns.

I know everything is always in a state of transition (our beliefs and experiences), and really there is only one moment in time and that is NOW……but somehow I just seem to be more aware of this truth in the autumn and spring months……maybe because my environment shows me that it is so….in a grander, more obvious way, such as the shedding of leaves and the change in its colours.

The beautiful pinks and oranges of the bougainvillea flowers on the ground remind me of the need to grow; to embrace the fragility that often comes with change and once again become attuned to a new state of being… be kind to yourselves as you let the experiences that no longer serve you fall away with ease and grace!

Woohoo!…..I am also half way through one year of my commitment to the Collaborate365 project of creating one ephemeral artwork a day for one year……hopefully my learning and experiences in the next stage will be as enriching and profound for me as the 1st half.



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