Day 188:a headful of dreads

Day 188 March 06 2016 Old Bar 6:40pmP1040481doc

This broken branch of pine needles made the perfect head of dreadlocks for my soon to be 16 year old daughter Azura.

It is so interesting how synchronicities occur…..on the same day 2 different people gave me photos of Azura when she was about 4-5 years old (with matted hair)

She was always an independent little one, who hated having her hair brushed and her fingernails cut, so the solution was often just to tie the matted hair back into a ponytail…..and then when she was asleep I would try to comb the dreadlocks out. Many a time I just resorted to cutting them out haha!

So this collaborate piece inspired memories of a time past.



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