Day 196:a flow of frangipani

Time is of the essence at the moment, but the spent frangipani flowers lying on the grass have been calling to me for days…..wafting their perfume my way….calling to me stop….breathe in their essence and play.

Day 196 March 14 2016 Taree

2 thoughts on “Day 196:a flow of frangipani

  1. Your last two petal posts say autumn to me, Ali.

    I didn’t used to like autumn because it meant that winter was coming, and daylight savings is ending. But now I think of myself as being in the autumn of my life. So, how can I resist it?

    xo Eve

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    1. Yes I know what you are saying Eve, Autumn (while I love the weather) has always felt like something was coming to an end for me…..I am a lover of the summer heat and light too….and as you know with this project, I am learning to become more conscious of the way I interact with cycles. I have noticed that I feel more myself in the ‘planting & harvesting’ cycles of spring and summer and less comfortable with the cycles of change that Autumn brings.

      My aim is to see it more as a place of ‘silent nurturing’ , where I can develop a greater understanding of how much I need to befriend my ‘inner darkness’.

      Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts about Autumn for you….I so appreciate your wisdom and insight!


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