Day 199:beautifully boggy

The violet hue of the light pre-sunrise this morning was magnificent. The sand was so waterlogged that my footprints made deep, spongy divets with soft edges……I spent most of my time walking in circles, admiring the patterns I created.

I have been pondering a lot over the last few days my feelings around the Autumn cycle…..and I see through my collaborations that nature’s cycles are mirrored in my life. Autumn is traditionally a time for letting go and releasing things that have been a burden (or a little boggy in this case).

Not surprising then that the light all around me this morning was violet. In my daily spiritual practice I call upon the violet flame to transmute all discordant energy and thought forms that I have created in my world of experiences.

So my practice for today is to get out of the way and let Spirit take charge.

Day 199 March 17 2016 Old Bar

Blessings Ali x





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