Day 202:equinox energies

The Equinox is a time for regrouping; a time for bringing together the yin & yang; the male & female aspects within each of us……a perfect time for considering the cycle just completed……..and for contemplating the cycle about to begin.

Day 202 March 20 2016 3:30pm


This month, the Equinox (today) is closely followed by a lunar eclipse and then on the 25th March the planet Saturn joins Jupiter in retrograde………intense!!!!! (more on this in following posts)

Today was a day of deep contemplation for me as I aligned myself with the energy of the Equinox, allowing the balance between Heaven and Earth, Spirit and Matter, Feminine and Masculine to come in to a state of balance in my heart and mind.

The daily collaborate process enables me to train my mind to become more aware of the different forms and symbols that my subconscious and super conscious mind is presenting to me…….and the lead up to this potent time of transformation (equinox/eclipse/retrograde) has been extremely symbolic in terms of symbol and pattern.

As you know I am fascinated by number patterns and I use them to guide my understanding of the learning moving around my life on a daily basis……. the last couple of days have been no exception as the messages have been coming thick and fast…… I have probably seen the number pattern 777 about 40 times in a period of 48 hours.

Sometimes my super conscious mind mixes it up for me a little just to keep me on the ball…..for example when I got in the car today my odometer read 25 25 25………when added together also 777 hehe!

This number system (for me) symbolises a period of time where my lower bodies (my physical reality on earth) are integrating with my higher spiritual frequencies. I see it as a clear sign that I should allow my intuition to guide and transform my fears, thoughts and actions.

Todays collaborate piece shows the symbols I saw in my mind’s eye in meditation with the equinox energies.

Happy equinox to all!

Ali x

“The equinox is a particularly potent astronomical and astrological event. It signifies the beginning of spring in the northern hemisphere and the first day of autumn in the southern hemisphere. It is a point of equilibrium in the division of day and night on the earth. An equinox occurs when the tilt of the Earth’s axis is neither away from nor towards the Sun. At this time, the center of the Sun is in the plane of the Earth’s centered equator. What happens as a result is that the Sun is at one of two opposite points on the celestial sphere.”

The word equinox is translated from ancient Sanskrit to mean “equal light” because during an equinox the day and night will be at equal length.


Of bringing together the yin & yang, male & female aspects within each soul. Equinoxes are times for regrouping and carefully considering the cycles just completed and contemplating the actions for the cycle just beginning.





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