Day 207:light & shadows

…….2 days after the Lunar Eclipse and 5 days after the equinox, Saturn has now joined Jupiter in retrograde…..a time when our actions to date cast their shadows…..a time of accountability as we learn to become responsible co-creators.

As I watched Silas, perched on the buried tree branch, silhouetted against the rising sun….I was captivated by the proportions his shadow cast….and also by the notion that even at so young an age he is responsible for his actions and the way he communicates with those in his sphere of influence…..(and of this I am very proud).

These thoughts led me to consider my own actions and whether they are benevolent or self-serving……… Mmmm……much to ponder in this time of review as we all face the more shadowy aspect of ourselves……may your acceptance, love and learning of yourself act as springboard to your inner wisdom.

Ali x

Day 207 March 25 2016 Old Bar

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