Day 211:the rod of Asclepius

At 2pm today the wind dropped and something changed in the air…….a dense silence pervaded…….underneath the constant roar of the large swell pounding the shore. The silence was so all encompassing that I walked down to the beach immediately to experience this silence.

Day 211 March 29 2016 Old Bar 2pm


I have always believed that silence is of the mind……yet, today the air is thick with silence even though there is constant sound.

I was not in meditation when this silence came over me, in fact I was typing on the computer…….but in an instant, I could feel, smell and sense the change all at once.

Sorry, I know this statement seems illogical (my feeble attempt in describing the indescribable)

As I was sitting on the sand enjoying the sound of silence, I found myself playing with these two sticks lying beside me…… I wove them together, they became the symbol for the ‘rod of Asclepius’…….. a moment of spontaneous healing.

A bit of history on the ‘rod of Asclepius’.

“Although several origin myths of the Rod symbol exist, the one generally accepted as the most popular tells the tale of Asclepius examining a man recently struck dead by one of Zeus’ lightening bolts. Startled by an approaching snake, the healer killed the snake with his staff. A second snake quickly appeared and placed some herbs into the dead snake’s mouth, thereby restoring it to life. Asclepius, so the legend goes, quickly followed the snake’s example and revived the man from the dead. As a tribute to the snake, he then adopted the symbol of the snake coiled around the rod as his own emblem.”

Authors of an exploration of the symbols of the snake and the healing staff within Egyptian, Greek, and Judeo-Christian traditions argue the snake in particular has been perceived alternatively as a symbol of rejuvenation, of luck, of the earth’s fertility, and of sin, death, resurrection, and therapy, making it overall a rather appropriate symbol for modern practitioners.”


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