Day 289:one becomes many

….”even though we are all alone…..we are all together in that”….

I love these words from the movie – Ps. I love you

Day 289 June 15 2016

As we walk our individual paths; sometimes with sure-footedness and other times with toes clinging to any available crevice……I find comfort in knowing many have walked a similar path before me and many will follow my own.

I believe there is an etheric footprint of those who have walked before us, that we can tap into in the quiet moments for guidance, courage and wisdom. This is the inspiration behind my thoughts for today’s collaborate.

These small circular shapes were originally a long bean-like form from the tree next door. In its whole form it is one unit…..all alone. But when that one unit is cut up it becomes the many…….and it is the many that then form the whole.

Blessings x


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