Day 291:a perch and a nest

…it was all about becoming a bird as the little one built a nest….while the big one built a perch….. P1050995web

Trying to escape the coughs and sniffles that are plaguing us at the moment, Finny, Silas and I made our way to the beach to blow away the bugs. As each of us started to fossick and create in our own little area on the beach, I could see Finny from the corner of my eye trotting backwards and forwards as he sorted and collected sticks, rocks and plant material.


I was mesmerized as I watched the process…..occasionally being called upon to dig the hole deeper so the stick would stay upright, then told to go back to what I was doing so he could finish his creation.




They were both full of determination as they methodically dug, collected and constructed.


The end result was a perfect perch for Silas to look out over the waves from….and Finny created a comfy nest….fit for any fortunate bird, complete with its own little look out as well.

….what a great afternoon collaborating with nature and these two little fellas.

Day 291 June 17 2016




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