Day 292:it’s all about categorising

A dear friend once said to me….”always leave yourself  an escape route”.

Day 292 June 18 2016


I was thinking of this today as my mind spent the morning sorting through the current commitments I have made….categorising the parts that I am happy to continue to explore and identifying the parts where maybe I need to implement the ‘escape route’ strategy.

Seems as though my thoughts dictated the patterns I created as well haha!

…maybe the eagle I watched diving and soaring from my window this afternoon was telling me that I need to gain a more encompassed perspective from a higher vantage point in my life!

Blessings to all x


3 thoughts on “Day 292:it’s all about categorising

  1. Reblogged this on calliemm and commented:
    ”always leave yourself an escape route”. a simple but effective wisdom. I had to share this post from my gorgeous friend and mentors blog . Collaborate365 – it really is quite exceptional.


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