Day 300:a bag lady & an angel

…things are not always as they seem….

Day 300 Sunday 26 June 2016


I would forgive you if you thought I was a homeless person this morning, roaming the beach as I fossicked through the rubbish on the tidal line…collecting treasures.

Yes I was in disguise, wearing most of the clothes I own all at once, as I tried to keep warm against the bitingly cold wind (so much so that my partner didn’t recognise me either haha!)

As I turned over fairly non-descript shells from the outside I was struck by the pearlescent beauty within. Pearlescent colours always have an other-worldly feel to me like the prescience of angels.

Interestingly today is day 300 of my collaborate journey and according to the book of Enoch…..’300 brilliant angels keep the garden of Eden, tending to the Divine with their unceasing voice and beautiful song for all hours and all days’.

How beautifully symbolic!

Ali x



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