Day 311:fresh patterning

For days now I have been seeing 777 repeated everywhere, but didn’t realise the significance of the numbers until I wrote the date this afternoon 07/07/16….and the puzzle pieces clicked ( a 777 portal)……ahhh! yes that does explain the craziness that happened in the wee hours of the morning for me.

……awakened by intense streams of light, I sat bolt upright in my bed, fully alert and ready to go. Thinking it was about 5am, I decided to get up and meditate or write as I sometimes do.

My partner, in frustration at being wakened by my persistent rustling around in the dim light for a few minutes said, “Ali….what are you doing?”

“Getting up” I said, whilst at the same time wondering why he was questioning my movements.

“Do you know what time it is?”, he questioned,

“I’m guessing its about 5am” was my response.

“Ali it’s not even 2 o’clock yet” was his reply.

The energy flooding through my body was of such intensity that I felt like I could have climbed Mt Everest. My mind was instantly clear, which was a Godsend….as the limited thinking that has plagued my thoughts over the last few weeks was really starting to become tiresome.

This collaborate image demonstrates the feeling of the 777 energy in its ‘peeling back’ of the old layered thinking….revealing a fresh new pattern and perspective.

Day 311 July 07 2016




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