#the in between

A New Year…a new focus!

The seed of an idea took form in my mind as I contemplated the quiet moment just between my in-breath and my out-breath.

Yes….a 5 day yoga intensive and mindfulness course does lead you to consider these things (thank you Eve Gryzbowski and Michael Hollingsworth!)

What is this gap……this pause……..this quiet moment when I am breathing neither in nor out? img_6418psc

I call this gap ‘the in between’

While this pause occurs between every moment of perception, I find the breath is the most physical way to access or become aware of this gap.

So this year I dedicate my creative and spiritual quest to discovering and documenting my journey to ‘the in between’

…..and probably every year after as I’m thinking it’s a pretty big topic !

Hope you will join me!

Ali 🙂


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