# the in between – reflection

Ever had one of those moments when the beauty around you was so mesmerising if felt like another world…..and the ‘in between’ was just a fine line separating heaven from earth or one reality from another.

The featured image is a photo I took in Bolivia in 2011 at Salar de Uyuni (the world’s largest salt flat) bolivia-2011doc

I was reminded of this experience as I wandered the beach this morning at 6:15am trying to get some reprieve from the 98% humidity that was already registering on the thermometer inside the house.

The combination of the cloud on the ground and the backscattering of light reflected in the mirrored surface of the water led me to consider the idea of reflection as an ‘in between’ moment img_6439doc

…..and so with the cool water soothing my feet and the vapour in the air tingling my skin, I walked in peace between the moment of that which has been……and that which is yet to come.

Ali x


Old Bar Beach 6:15am Feb 2 2017


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