#the in between – the 2 selves

Knowing the 2 selves

If you have been following my blog you will know that my creative focus for this year is to study the ‘in between’……my term for that quiet moment between the in and the out breath, the moment between the coming and going……the place of ‘unintentional pause’ that exists where one moment stops and another moment begins.

p1070743c3So in todays study of the ‘in between’ I am looking at the idea of the awareness of the 2 selves via the Daily Prompt: Aware …….thanks to nephew 1 and nephew 2 whose reflections on my bench top inspired the thought

If we look at the definition of aware it means to be well informed on a situation…so in this case lets use the self. How aware are we?

Daniel Kahneman, who received the Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences in 2002 for his work on decision-making uncovered some fascinating, studies on the 2 selves.

He looked at:

  1. The experiencing self as the “you” in the moment who lives through an event.
  2. The remembering self as the “you” that writes the history.

He noted that it is the remembering self that is consulted when planning the future and that choices are made based on the remembering self’s construction of what happened in the past.

Now here’s the problem……

The experiencing self and the remembering self mostly don’t agree on what happened. In fact, Kahneman has shown that certain discrepancies are hard-wired. For example……

“Subjects had a hand immersed in ice water at a temperature that causes moderate pain. They were told that they would have three trials. While the hand was in the water the other hand used a keyboard to continuously record their level of pain. The first trial lasted 60 seconds. The second trial lasted 90 seconds, however in the last 30 seconds the water was slowly warmed by 1 degree (better but still painful). For the third trial, they were allowed to choose which of the first two trials was less disagreeable, and repeat that one.

Here’s what they found. Are you sitting down? Eighty percent of the subjects who reported experiencing some decrease in their pain in the last 30 seconds of the second trial chose to repeat the 90-second experience! In other words, their remembering self-selected the option that required an additional 30 seconds of suffering.”………What the????????

Kahneman found that

  1. Duration does not count.
  2. Only the best or worst moment and the end of the experience are registered.

Seems like the selves are in the business of creating memories, not experiences!

I hope today brings you much joy as you sit in awareness of each ‘in between’ moment.

Ali x



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