#the in between – sand patterns

“Always look for what is not there”

These words come from a Morgan Freeman movie where he plays a has-been writer who mentors a nine year old girl in the art of finding her imagination.

I watched this movie many years ago and the words became like a mantra in my quest to unlock my own creative potential.

It was these words that inspired the images of animals I found in the rutile patterns of the sand.

The mirror-like, metallic-looking crystals of the rutile are revealed after storm surges and king tides have scoured the upper layers of sand from the dunes….. I love wandering the beach in the early morning after a storm, photographing these pictures drawn through the collaborative efforts of Mother Earth and her elements.

This morning as I watched the patterns in the sand morph with the rhythm of the incoming wave and the outgoing tide, the image of deer gracefully appeared in the silence of the space I had created.

I love that you can see my reflection taking the shot in the lower part of the photograph.

In truth deer was not represented so clearly and cleanly to me in the actual photograph.

I have superimposed a drawing of the head of a deer into the photograph later to enhance the image……but, as you can see in the original photograph, the idea of deer was present in the sand and my imagination made the link in the transitory moment…….another second and the image had disappeared.

deer in sand compress
Original image in sand


(While I saw the essence of a deer, others may have seen something else……and in fact my children think the space looks more like a rabbit or a kangaroo than a deer….but, that is the beauty of our individual perception)

deer with reflection ps compress
Enhanced image (note my reflection taking the photograph just under the head)


For me this experience is a perfect example of our ability to tap into the creative space that exists in the moment I call the ‘in between’.

If you have been following my blog, you will know that my creative focus this year is to study the ‘in between’……the place of ‘unintentional pause’ that exists where one moment stops and another moment begins.

I believe this moment holds the pure potential of creation and my aim is to spend time in consideration of this space, documenting my journey in both written and visual form.

Here’s to hoping your Sunday is spent in quiet contemplation of this extraordinary moment wherever you are in the world!

Ali x

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4 thoughts on “#the in between – sand patterns

  1. Hi Ali,

    It’s an interesting philosophy you’re describing.

    I can relate to that in yoga practice. Not looking for something not there so much; rather letting things come to you.

    Thank you so much for your watery images. They are almost too beautiful and definitely represent an in between. A small parenthesis between heaven and earth.

    Xx Eve

    Sent from my iPad



    1. Thank you Eve the space is an interesting concept isn’t it. It is everywhere but we are so used to seeing the positive manifestation, that sometimes the space is harder to find… (the essence of yoga)……..well I know it is for me.
      An example of this is when I think about the hand closed as a fist….you can’t see the negative space enclosed beneath the fingers but it is there and you can find what it looks like, or the form it takes by making a fist with a piece of plasticine in your hand……an invisible and changeable space that exists to make the positive manifestation of the fist possible.

      This project like Collaborate365 challenges my assumptions and I love that. Thank you for being so engaged with the project and for seeding the process for me through your love and sharing of yoga and mindfulness!

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