#the in between – Helios and Vesta

I don’t know about you, but I need to walk north in the morning rather than south.

Is it because there is a sense of hope that arises with the sun?……or is it the subconscious magnetic pull of the sun that our psyche cannot ignore? compressed

For me, when I walk to the furthermost tip of the land and watch the sun emerge in the East from the depths of the ocean, I feel close to my beloved Helios and Vesta (the Divine parents of our Solar System)

Helios who portrays the quality of (Illumination) and Vesta (Truth), abide in the Victory Retreat in the centre of the Sun and guide the spiritual evolution of the planet.

As I watch the rays of light angling across the sky and feel the warmth of the newly risen sun on my face, I can feel the emanations of Helios and Vesta impelling me towards a greater level of love, wisdom and self-awareness.

I know my beliefs can be a stretch for some, including my partner who was sharing my walk this morning. As both of us are keen observers of our natural environment, we will often discuss the why’s and how’s of nature’s influence on our ‘psyche’………my point of view always being that of a spiritual nature, while his is a scientific one.

Despite our differences, this morning we both agreed that walking south along the coastline before the sun had risen was just not as uplifting as walking north, whatever the reasoning. But, once the day had come into its fullness, and the sun was high in the sky, the path to the South again beckoned…..as the cycle needed to be completed.


Create an amazing day

Ali x


7 thoughts on “#the in between – Helios and Vesta

  1. Lot it, Ali!

    The sun is a really big deal and commands our attention. Can’t be turning your back on him.

    I’m in LA and the city is experiencing its infamous weather patter of ‘inversion’. Not quite smoggy, more like a tan haze over the town.

    So, I miss fresh air–Old Bar Beach, Manning Point Beach and Saltwater.

    How are you and how is Mim.

    💕 Eve

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    1. So good to hear from you Eve…..thinking of you both!
      Haha! I love that description of LA, seems that tan haze that hangs over the city, clings to the bodies too 🙂
      All well here, although a tiny tad cold……..but the rain is gone and that lovely winter sun is beaming.
      Thanks so much for the session with Mim, made a huge difference! Looking forward to your return ❤


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