The dawn is much wiser than the dusk

Only a few more days before this work goes home to live with Michael the architect.

The dawn is much wiser than the dusk 3compressed

The Studio Spaces exhibition at the Manning Regional Gallery finishes this weekend so if you haven’t seen it duck in and have a look……the Gallery in partnership with Fairfax Media has profiled the studios of 16 artists living in the Manning…….of which I’ve been lucky enough to have been included.


In conjunction with the exhibition a tour of my studio and working practice was recorded by the lovely Lauren Green and Scotty Calvin from Fairfax Media. Here is the link…..MRT_5243

Life designed by curiosity


As with all my work this one tells the narrative of personal growth. Sunset and sunrise are used to highlight the cyclical nature of life and point towards a passage of time where there is an urge to let go and move on. The use of symbolic icons in the work such as the naked women and the pigeon etc. are used to suggest emotions, feelings and ideas that are a part of a greater personal and spiritual truth that lays beyond the physical world.

The words of Philosopher Frederick Jackson Turner have inspired the creation of these mosaic style collage pieces. He stated in his analysis of aesthetic that,

‘….…patterns are beautiful that exist at the margin between order and disorder………. somewhere between boredom and confusion’

I use recycled materials with print and collage processes to explore the abstract language of pattern through colour, repetition and complexity. The grid like arrangements allude to patterns in nature and the beauty of everyday life.

Thank you for the enormous amount of support I have received for my work.

Create a fabulous day! Ali 🙂



7 thoughts on “The dawn is much wiser than the dusk

  1. I am also lucky to have a series of your beautiful works on my wall Ali. So I know how much joy Michael is taking home with him. I wonder if he knows he needs the ottoman and cushions too? They should all stay together 🙂 xx

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