About Collaborate365

What is Collaborate365?

Collaborate365 is a -one a day project- where I commit to making an ephemeral artwork in collaboration with the natural world around me, once a day for one year.

Why did I start the Collaborate365 project?

The winds of change blew through my life in 2015 and I found myself clinging tightly to whatever anchor I could find.

“How do I maintain a sense of balance in this sometimes hurricane force?” was the question I found myself asking. I knew I needed some constant in my life amidst the changing landscape of my relationships, home and work environments…….something that would connect me to the present moment and yet challenge my way of thinking.

It was at this time I met Shona Wilson through my work at the Manning Regional Art Gallery. I was greatly inspired by her artwork and her personal journey as I spent time with her over the length of her exhibition. Her appreciation and mindful curiosity to the natural world around her was infectiously inspiring.

I have always been a great believer that by closely witnessing your surroundings you can access infinitely valuable teachings about the soul’s journey.…..so it was with exuberance and also a small amount of trepidation (that I was actually up to the task of creating an artwork every day for 365 days haha!), I began my own journey of collaboration with the natural world around me on the 2nd day of September 2015.

I was aware that as with chanting mantra for a dedicated period of time I would be challenged by my ability to procrastinate…….may focus, dedication and commitment prevail!


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